Microfinance is like providing financial services for entrepreneurs and small businesses that lack the services that they require. Microfinance is a good way to reach more people and provide them with the basic finance that they require to expand their business or even start a company. But microfinance is not limited to just budding entrepreneurs and businesses only. It can be used for personal loans as well.
Clematis Software Technologies has microfinance software ready to offer to the clients. Which means you can save a lot of time and do not need to waste it on analysis, development and testing with this ready to sell microfinance application. Learn about our system and the variety of benefits that it provides to you and your customers:

  • Microfinance is a great way to reach more people and provide finance to people who need smaller amounts of money.
  • It encourages small scale industries.
  • It is suitable for budding entrepreneurs and startup companies.
  • It is suitable for people who want a smaller amount for loan at a lesser interest rate.
  • It can act as a powerful instrument to fight against poverty.

The microfinance system that we have to offer is a ready reckoner. You can track the loans given and do interest rate calculations easily. Our integrated system is all you need for your business to boom.
Why you should use this microfinance system:

  • It is a great way to reach a large number of people
  • The system lets you keep track of the loans that you have provided and calculate the interest easily.
  • It lets the user provide financial support to a large number of people as it provides smaller amounts than most of the finance providing companies.

Get a quote for our microfinance system today & get it white labeled with your business name.