The Atulya Seva Kendra is available as a B2C and B2B portal. Clematis has developed both these portals.

B2C portal

Atulya Seva Kendra is an online portal to make everyday services easier for everyone. The portal lets its users recharge online, make payments and transfer money. There is a provision called the ‘ASK Wallet’ in which the user can add money. They can use the amount in the ‘Wallet’ to make payments or to transfer money from their ASK wallet to another ASK Wallet.

B2B portal

But that is not it. People who do not get access to internet can also avail this service.
A person who is interested in starting an Atulya Seva Kendra can take a franchise of the same using this portal and provide the services to the people who do not access to internet. Those who do not have access to internet can visit the nearest Atulya Seva Kendra and the executives there will provide them with the services that they require. They just have to provide their details and their work will be done.

The portal is aimed at making available to the people these services at one place so that they do not have to go to different portals for their everyday work.


  • Portal for everyday services
  • Suitable for recharge, bill payments and money transfer
  • Wallet feature to go with virtual money everywhere
  • Add money to ASK Wallet
  • Use Wallet money for bill payments and money transfer

Business Benefits:

With virtual money taking the world by storm, Atulya Seva Kendra is quite a revolutionary portal. It is bringing the services like recharge, bill payments and money transfer in one place. As people like to travel cashless these days, the most striking feature of the portal is the ‘ASK Wallet’. This enables you to add money in the wallet and make transactions directly using the money in the wallet. With the successful delivery of this project, Clematis Software Technologies has not just delivered excellence but also a necessary tool to make the necessary chores easier. It reduces the risk of theft as the user can travel cashless and make payments easily using the portal. ASK Wallet is a hit among the busy working class people who cannot spare the time for these daily necessary activities.