About ExamSuit:

ExamSuit is essentially a Math App designed for school students of classes 3 to 8. This App, which is supported across all Android devices, concentrates on providing students an easy and fun way to learn Math. Once the App is downloaded, the user can select the class and the chapter that he or she wants to practice. The App provides multiple choice questions and a test paper which are used to evaluate the performance in comparison with the other users of the App.

The App is so designed that every user has a personalized experience. ExamSuit shifts its focus to the areas that the user needs help with and makes them practice till they have learnt the concept clearly. The users can choose from the three subscription plans or even use the App as a Free User which has limited benefits.


  • Essentially a Math practice App
  • Suitable for students of classes 3 to 8
  • Multiple choice questions
  • 3 subscription plans to choose from
  • Personalized learning experience
  • Supported across Android devices

Business Benefits:

With the age of revolution, there is no sector out there that is not undergoing a change. ExamSuit is making Math practice much easier for the students of classes 3 to 8. The concept of e – learning is what the new generation is looking for and that is what Clematis Software Technologies has delivered with this App. The App reduces the burden of textbooks and question papers on the student. Multimedia is always a good way to teach the students and the App highlights that with multiple choice questions and test papers to evaluate their performance. The App also gives a wider exposure to the students as they are competing with a wider base. They get an idea as to how other students are performing because the performance of a particular student is evaluated on the based on the time taken and accuracy of other students who have attempted the question. The pie charts and results at the end of a test paper show the student his position compared to other students. Also, the App used the adaptive method of teaching. This means that each student gets a personalized experience. The concepts that the student has a difficulty with are given more focus until it has been mastered. The student base will definitely love this App and greatly benefit from it.