About MTN Health:

Stats say – every household in Africa has a mobile phone.
Keeping the stats in mind, MTN Health is a revolutionary portal that aims at providing the basic medical facilities and benefits to the people of Cameroon. All this facility requires to operate is that, the user has a mobile phone that has the basic minimum facilities of calls and SMS. The MTN users can subscribe to this facility and avail the various services that it provides. Once the user subscribes to this facility, he will start receiving Health Tips per day via SMS. This service will be provided to the user automatically once subscribed to this facility. The user can manually enable the other services that are available and avail the benefits.
The best part about this is that there are no extra charges for the other services that the user chooses to avail. These services are included in the subscription; the user only has to select the facilities that he wants manually.


  • Health tips daily – The subscriber gets this facility automatically once subscribed to this service. One health tip will be sent via SMS to the subscriber every day.
  • Behavior Change Program – This includes tips on many different things. The subscriber must manually select the service that he wants to avail and also specify the time period for which the service is needed. He will receive SMS daily till the specified time period on the selected service.
  • Chat with medical practitioner – This is a forum where the MTN users who have subscribed for the MTN health service can chat with a medical practitioner and ask them questions. The user must enroll him for the chat session beforehand. This is the only feature in this subscription that requires an internet connection.
  • Ask a doctor – This service means that the subscriber can reach a doctor anytime with his problem and get help. All the user must do is, write the problem and send it via SMS on the Short Code number. The doctor will reply with the solution via SMS.
  • Vital Resource Connect – This service also requires the user to send an SMS using a specified keyword on the short code number. The help centers nearby, who are also registered with the MTN Health service, will receive the SMS and reach out for help in that area immediately.
  • Health reminders – The subscriber, if he enables this service, will receive reminders of his appointments with the doctor, checkup reminders etc. via SMS.
  • Bilingual – The service is bilingual, available in French and English.

Business Benefits:

MTN Health by MTN is a revolutionary way to reach the maximum number of people with medical aid in Cameroon. Since this is a service that most people would want and is available to MTN users only, people would definitely like to choose MTN. This service helps boost sales of the brand and earn goodwill for the brand. Also, the short code based SMS service is a great way to collect data. The various users in the different regions can also be recognized through this service. This helps the hospitals, pharmacies and other medical organizations to reach the maximum number of people. Also, this service has a great impact on the lives of people who cannot otherwise afford medical benefits.