About SmartPlay:

SmartPlay is a platform that brings African football fans closer to their favourite footballers by providing them more exclusive content against a subscription. The users can also subscribe for availing the more exclusive content of a particular club or player of their choice. There is also an exciting game for the users where they can make their own team choosing their favourite footballers and compete against other SmartPlay users.
The SmartPlay platform is an exciting world for the very high number of football fans around the world. It is a unique way to bring them closer to their favourite players and teams and keep them updated about the latest happening and inside news that is otherwise not available on any other social networking site or news channel.


  • Providing exclusive content to African football fans
  • Users can virtually make a team with their favourite players and compete with other SmartPlay users
  • Subscribe to get exclusive content about a particular team or player
  • Platform to know more about the players than is given by any social networking site or news channel

Business Benefits:

Football is gaining popularity among people of all age groups. Sports enthusiasts and football fans around the world look for ways to find out more about their favourite players and teams. The SmartPlay platform is one such platform that will bring the fans closer to getting more exclusive news and information about their favourite players. The African football fans can also enjoy a virtual football game where they can create their own team and choose their own players. This platform is a hit among the sport enthusiasts especially the football fans the number of which is growing by the day.