With the demands of jobs ever increasing, both, employers and the employees are looking for the best. Are you looking to create a job portal? We can tailor a job portal for you or if you have an idea, share it with us and we will bring it to life and to screens for you.

  • A platform for both employers and employees where both can register.
  • A platform for the employers to advertise their company and the job openings in their company.
  • The employees or job seekers also, can advertise their skill sets for the companies to choose them.
  • Blog and News space for the trends and the latest happenings of the job market.
  • A great opportunity for both the employer and the job seeker to reach out to a large number of people, thus, bringing them more prospects.
  • The job seekers or employees can create a portfolio and categorize their skills and post it in the particular category so that they are approached with the job offer that they are looking for.
  • The employers can directly contact the job seeker through the portal itself.
  • Short code based SMS system to notify the users.
  • Company reviews and ratings.
  • A candidate can recommend another for a job opening.
  • Job seekers can post their case studies.
  • Place for candidates to get their questions answered before they step in for an interview.

Get a job portal just how you want it. Talk to us today!