Need a software that can be the medium of communication between you and your patients? If that is what you are looking for, we can offer you a software, made to order and customized to your demands. Our patient management software not just makes it easier for the doctor to keep a record of the patients, but also makes it easier for the patients to get in touch with the doctor easily and quickly.


  • The practitioner can register with the software and add his patient details including name, address, email id and contact details.
  • This way the medical practitioner has his patient details saved directly in the system.
  • The treatment and medications prescribed by the practitioner can also be directly saved in the software.
  • The medical practitioner can email the prescription of the concerned patient to the patient’s email address directly through the software.
  • The treatment given to a patient will be saved in the system along with the next appointment. This way the practitioner has a record of the patient the next time he visits. He can check the medical history of the patient anytime.
  • The practitioner can also link his account with his Dropbox account and take the entire backup there so that he does not misplace any patient data.
  • The practitioner can also save a list of medications that he provides to his patients and check back on the available stock of the medications.

Manage your patient records and details easily with our software customized to suit you. Drop by and discuss with us so that we can deliver you nothing short of the best.