Want a travel platform custom made to your need and demand? The technocrats at Clematis Software Technologies can make your bespoke travel platform enabling your customers to get a one – of – a – kind experience.

For the maximum benefits of you and your customers, we provide a travel platform which is stacked with expansive features.

  • The portal will have separate sections for the travel agent and the customer.
  • The travel agent can upload plans, tour itineraries, hotels or guest houses on the website for the customers to choose.
  • Your customers can plan and book their trip directly from the portal.
  • They can check and compare several trip itineraries and choose whichever they like best.
  • The agent and the customer can chat directly on the portal and discuss what they want to.
  • Your customer can choose to stay in an array of hotels that will be listed on the site.
  • However, your customers can also choose to stay in home like apartments which are rented out for a few days. These come at a lesser price range than hotels and also have the facility of a kitchen along with other facilities.

We will customize the portal as and how you want. If you have more ideas that you would want incorporated in the website, we’ll gladly work on them. Let’s discuss your requirement and let us deliver you the best.