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Case Study: AI and ML

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Case Study

A leading online retail seller wanted to implement an AI system leveraging ML capabilities to predict sales volume over the coming months for leads. The input to this AI and ML system was their Enterprise Data Warehouse where they were storing data in the form of snowflake data.


The solution was implemented by using the following:

  • Identifying the data elements that contributed to making the prediction.
  • Extracting the data through ETL routines from the Enterprise Data Warehouse to fit the model.
  • Creating a large dataset of training data with the known outcomes.
  • Applying the data to a large neural network set to identify correlations and patterns in the data.
  • Using regression analysis we predicted the sales for the leads over the coming months.

Key Takeaway

The client was able to predict the sales volume more accurately than he has been able to do previously using traditional methods using forecasting models connected to their existing CRM system.