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Case Study : Back Office Support

Back Office Support of Data Analysis

A leading retail customer wanted to utilize our back office data analysis service to perform data cleansing of their POS and Inventory data based on data validation rules. Once the data was cleansed, it had to be developed into Excel reports and sent back to them.


The support provided helped our client in the following ways:

  • Not only get the data cleansed and validated in the way they wanted but always maintaining the SLA set in terms of turnaround time and the data quality requirement.
  • We provided value by just not performing data validation and cleansing service but by implementation of a 3-layer check process we ensured that the data quality of the reports sent back to the client had close to 100% accuracy.
  • Implemented macros in Excel to find out key patterns in data thereby expediting the work done.
  • This helped the customer also in identify issues in their upstream systems that were contributing to poor quality of data and rectify the same.

Key Takeaway

The key take away from this project was through back office support we were able to significantly reduce the customer’s cost that were incurring in trying to provide correct data to their downstream systems.