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Cloud Migration Case Study

Cloud Migration for Online Retailer

The customer is now one of the leading online retailers specializing in asset dispensing services. They have served clients across the region with experience in asset dispensing. Our cloud solution integrated with ServiceNow for smart vending help make transactions more flexible, secure, and innovative.


The solution is a connected smart vending machine connected to the ServiceNow platform in the cloud that enables companies to:

  • Implement automated stockroom machines that are supported by flexible, powerful workflow software applications. These machines provide a better way to fulfill requests for assets.
  • Turn-in broken assets for repair
  • Check-out loaner assets
  • Check-in & Check-out personal devices for shift work
  • Dispensing IT devices and consumables
  • Send out notification for replenishment

Key Takeaway

The key takeaway was implementing a solution where physical machines connected to the cloud automated check-in and check-out request tickets thereby providing instant gratification, dispensing items to end-users thereby enabling physical positive control compliance and funnels distribution through approved channels.