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Digital Transformation Case Study

HRMS Digital Transformation

A Power Distribution Company, which previously used various tools for its HRMS application, asked us to create a modern HRMS solution through which it can remain a sustainable and consistent organization in the energy sector.


A custom HRMS solution that makes company policies easier to implement while providing a 360 degree tracking of its employees. Each module performs a separate function within the HRMS, which helps to collect or track information. The implemented HRMS modules help with:

  • Employees personal information, dependant list, nomination for gratuity, PF
  • Transfer order of employee with workflow for approval.
  • Pay scale and pay grade revision of employees and approval process.
  • Automate routine / standardized processes
  • Reporting for employee by posting, historical view for designation, historical view for posting of employees
  • Employee transfer order with workflow for approval
  • Training achieved by every employee
  • Employees leave management
  • Employee promotion management with workflow for approval
  • Salary scale and review of employee salary qualification and approval process
  • Employee retirement process

Key Takeaway

Improved employee tracking across the organization along with streamlining of different processes that span across the departments.