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IoT Development Case Study

Case Study of Logistics IoT Application

A logistics company looking to leverage IOT and telematics to address a very specific issue that they have been facing regarding tracking accident claims of their fleet. To do this they had to capture data from OBD II devices and front and rear cameras.


Using Software AG’s Cumulocity platform, we were able to provide a solution to the customer that did the following:

  • Data from the OBD II devices and from the cameras were collected from the end points of the device manufacturers by using a web hook built using Webmethods.
  • The data collected from the end points were streamed to the Cumulocity platform and real time dashboards were shown on Cokpit application.
  • The data was processed further by storing it in No SQL database for end of the day analytics.
  • Creating threshold and alarms to notify the right person during any time a measure crossed threshold limits.
  • Integration with existing systems of the customer to build an E2E solution rather than an IOT solution running in silo.

Key Takeaway

Our IoT solution architecture has laid the foundation for future customer implementations and innovations for different types of intelligent solutions.