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Mobile App Development Case Study

B2B Marketplace Case Study

An app designed to bring the farmers closer to their wholesale end customers thereby eliminating the middle men and making sure the farmers get their fair share for their produce. In other words the app acts a B2B marketplace where buyers and farmers meet.


An app that provides the following:

  • Search based on geo location.
  • Depending on the weather, pesticides, and other related data, the B2B marketplace app algorithm helps estimate production.
  • The seller can publish his agricultural product with a personalized picture with the expected price and quantity for the product.
  • Price Alert: The user can create alerts to receive push notifications for certain agricultural products at the desired price.
  • Agro News - News about agriculture and farming are shown as per the preferences set by the user.
  • The user can create his demand for products and the price at which he wants to buy through a reverse auction process.
  • Price Chart / Graph: Users can get a graph of price fluctuations in each commodity market during the previous year. - Again very useful for farmers and customers.

Key Takeaway

An app that offers its customers an intuitive and user-friendly experience by bringing a structure to the way the farmers get access to their customers in an otherwise chaos environment.