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Initial Discussion On Project Overview

Starting a project is like starting a new organization. The Clematistech project management team must develop alignment among project participants in the early phases of the project. The idea of Project Overview is to take the time to plan what can be done now, develop what it was designed for and demonstrate it at the end of the project.

Accessing The Technology Landscape

For us at Clematistech, the concepts of the technology landscape are powerful metaphors to understand why some companies have benefited from their research and development efforts, while others have stumbled. By solving these problems, a company can guarantee, for example, that its strategy for product innovations is better off of its competitors.

Create And Validate A Small Pilot

A small pilot offers the opportunity to demonstrate the functions of ERM software in a small space and a controlled manner. Pilots are commonplace before making an important decision that affects the customer experience or introduces a new channel.

Start Development

Clematistech's team of experts will put together all the work. We make it possible from start to finish because that's what our development process is all about. Start development strategy consists of creating a plan, managing its implementation, and completing it timely with or below the budget.

Move to Support & Maintenance

Clematistech support and maintenance services are corrective and preventive services that physically repair or optimize hardware, including contract maintenance and incident repair. Support and maintenance also include online technical assistance and troubleshooting and configuration assistance.