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System Integration Case Study

Case Study of B2B payments platform

A client wanted us to build a B2B payments platform for digital services like utility bill payments, mobile recharges, money transfer, travel booking. The system would need to support customers looking to connect to the platform through their APIs as well as those looking for white label solutions.


The solution was a B2B web based portal that had the following features:

  • Support multiple organization and multi-level hierarchy within an organization.
  • Easy setup for commission in each level and for each service and provider.
  • Quick white level creation for individual company.
  • Re-distribution of API enabling selected services.
  • Intelligent routing for load balancing and profit optimization.
  • 360 degree view of reporting dashboard capable of measuring profit from each channel, service, partners, distributors.
  • Sales analytics showing trends and reporting against custom dimensions.
  • Desktop and mobile support for the application platform.

Key Takeaway

The platform is integrated with a host of upstream systems to which it is connected through APIs and it distributes API to its downstream systems also. The application is available in both web version as well as mobile app for Android and iPhone.