Case Study for Digital Marketing

Divine Spa is a leading medical spa in Canada. They have always provided excellent service to their customers. Divine Spa wanted to establish their brand and attract more customers through digital marketing. Although they had tried digital marketing before, but they did not get much success with their early initiative. They came to us to help them make the most of their digital marketing budget.

Case Study for Digital Marketing


  • Website (WordPress).


  • Marketing Strategy
  • Upgrading the existing website
  • Run PPC campaigns


  • Mobile-Friendly Website
  • Brand Identity
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google Ad Management
  • Facebook Ad Management


In the beginning, the success of the Divinespa’s digital marketing came from their web sites enquiries and advertising on the Google platform. However, when we started using Facebook ads and used advanced techniques like retargeting, along with search engine optimization, the results started improving exponentially.With a combination of the new site and the focused marketing strategies that we put in place, the client has seen an increase of 160% in their bookings originating from their Facebook and Google Ads.

Case Study for Digital Marketing

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