eCommerce Website Case Study

Luxurycare is a Switzerland-based e-commerce store that sells high-end cosmetics and toiletries for Men and Women. They operate in Switzerland only and provide shipping of their products to places within Switzerland. The client also offers coupons and discounts.

eCommerce Website Case Study


  • Being a new entrant in the eCommerce domain, the client wanted us to design a website that sets them apart in their competitive environment.
  • Videos were an important aspect for this e-commerce website and they wanted to be able to link their YouTube videos easily on the website.
  • An opt-in to collect emails to send newsletters to shoppers who subscribe to their newsletter.
  • Keep an eye on the aesthetics of the website and user experience and make the site more engaging and have that premium feel.
  • A simplistic menu for shoppers to easily browse through categories.
  • Put in place on-page SEO foundations for future growth and gain more inbound traffic through organic SEO.
  • Connect to their Facebook and Instagram accounts from within the website.
  • Integrate Google maps on their website to show their store location on the map.
  • Use a fully responsive solution supported by Woocommerce CMS.

Layout Design

Luxurycare existing website was designed in core PHP and they were finding it difficult to make updates to the website. The initial part of the project was spent designing the wireframes that best captured their imagination of what they wanted the new website to look like. Once the wireframe was completed it was time to design the layout, choose the color themes, the fonts, and the placement of the call to action buttons on the website so that it increased the conversion on the website. Once the layout was complete, it was time to integrate the design into the theme chosen by the client.

eCommerce Website Case Study


Since the client had an existing business, it was important to migrate the existing data from their existing website to the new eCommerce website. Once the migration was complete, it was time to change the old pictures with new high-quality images on the new eCommerce website. The images were chosen to match the color palette of the new website to enhance the overall attractiveness of the website. This was followed by the migration of content on the website. The content of the website was in German. Google translate was used to translate the text to English.

eCommerce Website Case Study

Bringing it all together

Since Luxurycare is an eCommerce website that deals in premium products, the new eCommerce website had to appeal to shoppers who shop in the high-end space. The overall shopping experience had to be as easy as possible. Payment had to be secure by integration of payment gateway used in Switzerland and the overall checkout process like a breeze. The main goal of the website was to make the overall buying experience of the shopper as simple as possible. From product classification to product search followed by shopping cart checkout had to provide the shopper a smooth experience.

eCommerce Website Case Study

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