Website Design Case Study

Advanced-matrix is an engineering consulting company in the USA that provides business solutions in the area of Environment, Health & Safety, Regulatory and Statutory compliance management, Sustainability programs, and environmental due diligence services for their clients.

Website Design Case Study


  • Improve the aesthetics of the website and user experience and make the site more engaging.
  • Have a News section through which they can update their readers about the things happening in the company.
  • Improve the usability of different categories of services through filters and accessibility strategies.
  • Rearrange and expand the Knowledge Hub for distinct categorization. Advanced search and content discovery in the Blog was done so that visitors can easily find relevant articles.
  • Improve SEO foundations for future growth and gain more inbound traffic through organic SEO.
  • Support social engagement to attract and transfer inbound traffic from social pages.
  • Have a section on the website through which their clients can log in to check the audit report published for the respective client.
  • Use a fully responsive solution supported by WordPress CMS.


Advanced-matrix provides critical services, to some of the most reputable engineering companies. They had an existing website but it had become unsuitable for use. The user experience was not engaging on the old website and they wanted something that was modern and sleek.The focus of this web design project was to make the website a better platform to showcase what they are doing. Significant improvements in both the user experience and the UI design were needed to enable them to communicate seamlessly across the scope of their work, attracting potential clients.

Website Design Case Study

Style Ideas

Because Advanced-matrix was already going through a recurrence, their team was open to a new look and feel – and that was fun! We have provided them with different style ideas but they wanted something that closely resembled our website with a few changes specific to their business. New style tiles with welcoming colors, natural colors, illustrations, and typography. We also wanted to make the most of their photos, to make the work they do personal, and to allow website visitors to feel a connection with the content.

Website Design Case Study

Bringing it all together

The new Advanced-matrix website is a very strong testament to the work they do. The overall tone feels inviting and helpful, and the key content options are clear and accessible. Most importantly, the new website has benefited from discussing advanced issues, having a clear call to action for their clients to enter the restricted client area by logging in to the application. Overall, a transformation journey that made their brand stand by articulating clearly the services they provide, their achievements, and resources in the form of Blogs.

Website Design Case Study

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