Ecommerce Website

Developing an ecommerce Website

How Do I start an eCommerce Website?

Building an eCommerce goes beyond just knowing the marketplace you are going to enter. In addition, you require a grasp of advertising, web design, and content plans. Some of the Most Important eCommerce features your website needs include:

  • Content management
  • Promotion and discounts
  • Hassle-free and easy checkout
  • Code that is optimized for the search engines
  • Reporting features integrated into the CMS
  • Ability to create additional customized reports
  • An integrated section through which blog posts can be managed
  • Ability to integrate Email marketing to existing customers and prospects
  • Good support for online payment options like Paypal, Stripe, Credit Card, etc
  • Scalability and the ease of adding new features.
ecommerce website

Technologies We Support

Build amazing ecommerce website for a 2X increase in revenue

Magento provides search engine friendly, rich features, and a wide-ranging support network. Get started now. Power your online business with the most flexible and scalable ecommerce platform. Flexible Platform. Global Customer Support. Unique Customization. ERP Integrations.

Build amazing ecommerce website for a 2X increase in revenue

WooCommerce is a customizable, open-source ecommerce platform built on WordPress. Get started quickly and make your way.

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You might have a requirement of a website, a custom web application, a mobile app, an e-commerce portal or an end to end digital marketing campaign. No matter how simple or complex the requirement might be, we have a personalized solution for you.

Ecommerce site Development Methodology

Our eCommerce site methodology has evolved over the years by working in various kinds of eCommerce platforms including both B2C and B2B eCommerce website development for clients around the globe. This methodology is tested, has matured over the years, and has been proven to succeed.

Build amazing ecommerce website for a 2X increase in revenue

The Analysis Phase

Following an exhaustive study of your particular company demands and specific needs from the eCommerce initiative, our digital marketing team will work with you to evaluate your company requirements, implement an investigation of the competition to record what they are doing correctly to drive more online business, research technology choices that will meet your business requirements and meet your budget.

Then our team will recommend what’s would be required to best meet your business requirements. This stage presents findings that include recommended attributes, order flow, and advice on overall site construction.

The Site Layout Phase

Our UI designers examine the website analysis document that is the outcome of the analysis phase. From the analysis document, the UI team will develop the storyboards for the entire system beginning from the Home page of the eCommerce website. The storyboard pays particular attention to the way the merchandise is shown to the buyers, the checkout procedure, and how easy it is for the buyer to make a purchase on your website, and finally access to customer support service.

At this point, you start to find out exactly how your eCommerce website is shaping up. We advise all our customers that this is the very best time to indicate adjustments to the website or make modifications to any business process flow that is required because at this stage it is easy to accommodate any and every modification required.

Build amazing ecommerce website for a 2X increase in revenue
Build amazing ecommerce website for a 2X increase in revenue

The Design Integration Phase

The storyboard from the analysis phase gets converted to a responsive cross-platform and device compliant HTML skin based upon the eCommerce platform that you have suggested as the platform of choice. This stage is also very critical since the HTML delivered will dictate the way the website functions. By ensuring that the HTML is completely compliant with internet standards we accelerate the procedure and prevent expensive mistakes.

The Development Phase

In this phase of the job, coding of the procedures is completed and the backend database management applications are made. This is where all of the mock-ups that are developed as part of the site layout phase are transformed into actual dynamic database-driven pages. Our developers follow the guidelines which were established in each of the preceding phases.

This helps their development process since the development guidelines, workflows and the customer journey from the home page to the checkout process have already been established in the previous phases. This helps us in producing high-quality output aligned with your objectives. This reduces the eCommerce website development time, ensuring that you can get your website live in the shortest possible time in the most cost-effective way.

Build amazing ecommerce website for a 2X increase in revenue
Build amazing ecommerce website for a 2X increase in revenue

Payment Gateway Integration Phase

Any eCommerce website needs to have an integrated online payment mechanism. In this phase, we integrate the online payment gateway that you would want to be integrated into your eCommerce website. We can support all significant payment gateways. We can help you in establishing your own payment gateway accounts with the gateway you decide to utilize through a secured 256-bit encrypted data channel. We support all major payment gateways including Paypal, Paypal Pro, Google Checkout, Stripe, etc.

Systems integration Phase

When you build an online eCommerce website, it needs to be integrated with other applications that you have probably been using or want to implement as part of your digitization program. Both Magento and Woocommerce have a plug-in that enables you to integrate your eCommerce store with software that is essential for the smooth running of your business.

Clematis provides integrations with different types of ERP like Sage, QuickBooks, etc. POS programs are supplied to look after many different tasks like inventory management, invoicing, etc and there are situations where you would want to integrate these with your eCommerce website. CRM is critical software that needs to be integrated with your eCommerce website. Integration of these systems has the benefit of safeguarding your system from the mistakes that normally come from manual data transfer and entries. It also allows you to get a complete picture of your business.

Build amazing ecommerce website for a 2X increase in revenue
Build amazing ecommerce website for a 2X increase in revenue

Testing and QA Phase

During the design integration phase, our quality assurance team will sit down with your project representative to draft the test plan and the test scripts that will be used to test the eCommerce website before it goes live. Our quality assurance engineers will guide your system through a set of rules that are part of the test script to complete the quality check on performance and usability. Final adjustments are made to ensure that your eCommerce website meets the required quality assurance criteria laid out and ready for a successful go-live.

Product Import Phase

Now that your website is ready to go live, it is time to add the products to your eCommerce website. This can be done through the admin section of the website. Alternately, if you want us to import the products for you, we will share Excel templates with you in which you can supply the data to us and we will load the data in your eCommerce website for you.

This is known as the initial load and having the initial load completed will enable you to manage your products easily through the admin area. In case there is any need for customized imports and data migration from external systems, we will handle it through the tailored updates category.

Build amazing ecommerce website for a 2X increase in revenue
Build amazing ecommerce website for a 2X increase in revenue

Hosting Phase

In case you have a hosting provider of your choice, we will set up the website on your hosting. We will require the admin credentials of your hosting provider to set up the website on your hosting. Alternatively we can suggest the optimal hosting providers for you based on your expected initial business volume and growth projections. Once you choose the provider, we’ll set up your account and upload your site to the hosting area. As part of the hosting phase, we will also map your domain name to your hosting. This basically means that your domain will now point to your hosting where your website resides so that anyone searching by your domain name will be able to view your eCommerce website.

SEO Phase

What good is a website which is not visible on search engines? Search Engine Optimization is extremely important for any website. Our highly skilled Search Engine Optimization specialists will create specialized Meta tags for the products uploaded so that it enables your products to be able to compete with other eCommerce products in the same category.

We will do a complimentary listing of your products on Google. We will also integrate the Google entry tools to enhance the weekly rank of your eCommerce products. Along with this, we will also integrate Google analytics into your eCommerce website so that you can monitor your site’s performance and visitors to your website.

Build amazing ecommerce website for a 2X increase in revenue
Build amazing ecommerce website for a 2X increase in revenue

Training Phase

Clematis will continue to provide support and training on how to manage your eCommerce website from the time it goes live. You will be trained on how to manage the products and their properties from the admin section of the website. As part of this phase, you will also be trained on how to manage the different integrations that took place with external applications and software as part of the development of your eCommerce website. At the end of the training, you will be equipped to manage your own online store and take your sales to greater heights.

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